Random Thoughts

April 06 2022

There are so many things that I want my kids to know, so many things that I want them to do differently with their lives than I have done with mine. I hope they make better decisions than I did, I hope they learn from my mistakes. I hope they know that I love them more than anything in this world and that I would die to keep them safe. I hope they know that they can come to me with anything and that they never have to be worried about me judging them for anything, I will love them no matter what or who they choose to become. I hope that they know they will always have a safe place to come, whether they are just having a bad day or if they are sick or in trouble, they can always come to me and I will be here with open arms to do whatever I can to fix whatever it is they have going on, I want them to always know that this is their home no matter how old they are. I've always wondered how some people could have kids and just treat them like they are nothing but a problem for them to have to deal with, my babies will always be my babies regardless of how old they are. I made them, I carried them and nurtured them for 9 months and I have raised them the best I could on my own and I will always be here for them, they didn't ask to be brought into this world so why should I make them feel like they are walking it alone?