Aquarius Horoscopes

August 24 2017

Advice for the sign; Dear Aquarius, You are one of a kind. Most people envy your eccentricity and originality. Your independence allows you to be who you want to be. However sometimes your independent nature causes you to act aloof and it puts a strain on your relationships. You should learn to express your emotions just as much as you express your ideas and passions. It will bring about healthier relationships and you may learn something about yourself. It can also bring about some deep conversations that you seem to love. Things the sign hates; Aquarius: knowing the right thing to say, but not being able to say it properly, so nobody understands what they really mean How to get the sign to like you; Aquarius: be kind and open-minded. take the time to get to know them, and let them get to know you, too. don't try to hide things around them, they can sniff out lies fairly easily. The sign as things I learned as a freshman; Aquarius: preparing for school in advance will save you from so much stress Sign as a girlfriend; Aquarius: innocent and carefree, will beat you in your favorite video game, makes dirty jokes, will just stare at your face in love, dresses up for you, tells others how much they love you, The sign and their downsides; Aquarius: has an existential crisis every other week Question for the sign; Aquarius • Why do you feel you are so above everyone else? • Will you ever say sorry and actually change your ways to be better? • Why is it so hard for you to embrace love? Dear // the // sign; dear //aquarius//: being so far away from everyone on earth isn’t going to get you any closer to the aliens that might not even be out there. you don’t need to hide your emotions to come off cool and distant, if anything they’re just making you seem unwilling to show affection or establish connections with anybody. i know you like to be alone, but sooner or later you’re just going to be lonely. and when you come back down from the atmosphere, no one’s going to be around for you to call home. The dark side of the sign; Aquarius: They will completely shut you out when they're bored of you. Don't expect an explanation (or any kind of friendly one,) or any sort of "mercy." They'll just sneer at you and walk away. Advice for the sign; aquarius Learn to return the love you recieve. Don’t be an outsider. It’s ok to feel lonely sometimes. People don’t understand but you’re not alone. Advice for the sign; Aquarius: you're too distant from your friends, let yourself trust !! Zodiac sign as important advices; Aquarius: “Keep your priorities straight” Advice to the sign after breakup; aquarius: let yourself dissect it. make it smaller than it is. make them smaller than they are. break it apart and then feel it. take the pain as you can, after having filtered it with your mind. it will make it manageable and you will soon realize how incompatible you two really were. Advice for the sign; Aquarius: The strange is beautiful, never conform. Love Advice; Aquarius Venus: your feelings matter to them so they should matter to you Love for the sign; Aquarius: You are a blessing to tiresome routines while dressed in fortified independence. They can call you bundles of hand me down labels, making you a character to fit into their games but you will rebel to the noise and continue your crafts. But you see my sweet Aquarius, being a voice for the good, your beautiful detachment to judgement is also your biggest hamartia. Others are attracted to the impressions you plant and grow attachments while you disengage when you feel restricted. You must realize others do not break from their emotions so easily, your actions often leave scars. Let yourself be sedated by others, having emotions run deep is fatal but my dear Aquarius, you will never feel more alive Why the sign will be okay; Aquarius: When the whole world seems to be succumbing to chaos and unfair treatment, you will always remain true to your identity. This is so important. You are the most precious thing you have. What the sign needs to hear; aquarius: live the life that you want to live, regardless of how other people in your life feel about it How to cheer up the sign; AQUARIUS: dating, love, sex. Make them start a relationship Lovely things about dating the sign; Aquarius: they may surprise you with the things they remember about you The sign on a Saturday night; Aquarius: protesting, rioting, supporting local theater, or sitting on the floor eating a bagel Advice for the sign; Aquarius- super moody try to tone it down Tough love for the sign; Aquarius: Yes, the human race should be kinder and better. But focus on what you need to improve within yourself too. Remember that if you would like the world to be more fair, you must first become as fair as you could possibly be. What others don't know about the sign; Aquarius: However cold and strong-willed, they are passionate thinkers and justice enthusiasts. They can recognize what is fair and what is unfair from an eternity away, and refuse to quit before they've fully understood. How to love the sign properly; Aquarius: Don’t try to outsmart them or pick at the little things; Aquarians are smarter than that and don’t have time for petty fights. And while they believe they are right 110% of the time, they will still open to new points of view because they really do just want to help everyone. Just be honest, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, and watch them flourish with your acceptance of their quirky habits and sensitivities. The sign at their best; Aquarius: Holds true to their opinions and beliefs, but does not force them on other people. Creates without limits. Despite the judgment of adversity, continues to reflect themselves in all they do without question. What the sign needs to remember; Aquarius: don't share your vision with those who are too dumb to appreciate it. What the sign wants most in a partner; Aquarius: you want someone to help you think. You want someone who will encourage your eccentric thoughts, and not shackle them. Contrary to what people think, you'd like a little validation too. Advice for the sign; Aquarius: Open your mind to new ideas, it will open a lot of windows and opportunities for you. Not only this but stand up for yourself, improving you social position will make things easier for you and boost your confidence to deal with problems Why the sign is good for you; Aquarius: They're great listeners. Although their thinking & advice might seem a little off & eccentric. Advice to sign; Aquarius: Learn to rely less on other people The ugly truth; Aquarius Venus will always have a detached part of them in relationships. Can lack in reassurance.