Chapter one "I said No"

September 23 2017

His sweaty body pressed up against me, and I wanted to scream, I have always been a person that was walked over every step of the day, a grown women , just happy to be in a relationship after years of eating ice cream on my bed watching old Disney movies alone on a Friday night. Come to think of it I rather be doing just that. This was the first time we attempted to have sex, After long fights over the period of our whole one week relationship has been about seriously , Yes I said we been together for one week, and I have had enough of this mans sweat dripping on my body. "alright I am done I cant do this", I started pushing him of but he wouldn't budge , as though he was contemplating on weather or not he was going to pretend like he was not listening. Or how I was feeling at the time weather or not I even had a choice. "Come on seriously get off me , I cant do this", I started pushing harder and harder and clutching my thighs together, like my life had depended on it, struggling to get this man off of me, i started to get angry , and then quickly scared. I wanted to scream but In my head, I thought well he is my boyfriend and i have consented already, so there was not much that would be done. I continued to show him that I did not want to do this, He ignored me and kept right on. He started to get rather aggressive and grabbing my thighs trying his best to spread my legs, He gave me a look that was demon like , and then as I was just staring at him with fear in my eyes he began to smile when he finally got my legs open. He looked like a different person , I almost second guessed myself if wether or not i been pretty wasted and invited the wrong perosn in, I know it seems stupid but It was better then thinking i actually got in a realtionship with him. in my deepest thought, I finally blacked out.