November 21 2017

Life, written down. Jot notes, pen essays; group and order; analyse and synthesize. Keep the scribbles to yourself or broadcast them to the world. Private by default, mobile friendly, and auto-archived by email. Write things down to live an examined life. Logging in - log in with your Gmail account - Google manages the process - your account information and password are not saved Writing - html can be used to format writing - for example, use <b> and </b> to make things bold Groups - create folders to organize writing Ordering - reorder groups or individual writings Anonymous, mobile, and auto-archived - all writings are anonymous, your Gmail information is not saved - made with Google App Engine for HTML5 to work on mobile devices - all writing are automatically emailed to your Gmail account (by Google) so you have a copy Why write our lives down ? - because per Elements of Style - we all need at times to please and satisfy ourselves with clear and almost perfect thought - I use it to organize my thoughts on living a meaningful life Vancouver November 2017