Where Is There To Go

February 14 2018

Chapter 1 Alone I’ve lived quiet and alone for years, I love nature and the outside world but I think too much of how people look at me, I have to many thoughts racing through my head I can’t think straight anymore thing’s keep coming back that have no meaning thing’s I don’t want to remember, things that hurt me. I ask too much of myself, I have no limit to fear but I do have a border to trust I don’t trust many people in my life I don’t trust my friends my parents and I don’t trust the world I trust myself , my life has been hard for me I have no meaning in this world. Everything spinning around me, everything’s hurting me everything that has no meaning is coming back to me, things that are black and white the things I don’t want to remember, it is with me no matter where I go. I don’t know if things are going to change for me, I am always experiencing the same emotion sadness, and I don’t think that can change for me nothing in this world can make me happy only if I could see my father again, but I know that the dead doesn’t come back only the living I can see. Having no escape from darkness, I try to fight it having no strength in me I turn away from it, I have to many voice talking to me in my head. I wish I could just fly away but it doesn’t go that way my dad is dead my mother is somewhere out there where is there to go?