November 17 2019

god, i love you so much and i know i don't say those words around you quite often but you have no idea what my heart says when it stares into your pretty, almond shaped brown eyes. it says so much but so little because it knows that i need to say the rest and i will when i find other ways and maybe other words to express it beautifully to you since you deserve nothing but everything else that i hope no one gets but you. you mean the world to me and i don't know what i would do if my world disappeared one day because i find myself the safest and most comfortable when i'm in yours and there is nowhere else i would rather be if you aren't around. everything revolves around you and i hope it will stay away for as long as i will live. i have so much to say but i don't have enough to express how i truly feel about you and how proud and lucky i am to be seen with you and be with you in general because you make it so exciting and beautiful. i love being around and being with you because i know i can be myself without you ever needing to judge and it's a nice feeling knowing i don't have to try hard for you or to show you sides of me that i know you wouldn't like because it isn't the real me and i knew from the first day i met you i just knew i could truly be the real me and you would still be there to love me the same and that's why i loved you even more when i started to getting to know you and when you started to open up to me and became the you that you created and for me to adore and admire for the rest of my life and i promised you and myself that whatever happens, you will forever and always be my amethyst and the only one with almond shaped brown eyes that i will love. you are incomparable to me.