Freinds back at home

December 02 2017

Today my parents said we are going to move to Peru and I am going to miss my friends. So on Monday we got on the air plane,my friends were waving good bye,it made me happy,because that mean's they enjoyed being around me.When we got to Peru,I had to go to bed,because it was 7:30.I had the worst night ever, because could not stop thinking about my friends back in Canada.good thing I have Henry's number or else i would die, because Henry is my best friend. Early in the morning I used facetime to talk to Henry ,and Michele, my other best friend.At 8:00 I went to school. I'm in Grade 4. I learned about pitch's in math. Some people asked me about my best friends from Canada at recess.Today I played with a boy named Carl at recess. In math we were memorizing 20+55=75. I did memorize 20+55=75.We had art, we painted pictures from a field trip the class went on, to a art museum, the day I had to say good bye to my friends. when it was home time I figured out Carl is on the same bus as me, we are now bus buddy's. when I got home, or should I say when we got home me and Carl are neighbours. well my parents are working out everything, I went over to play action figures, at Carl's house. I even got to sleep over at Carl's house.My dad could not find a job in Peru so we had to go back to Canada. So my mom stayed in Peru and my dad went to Canada,and every 2 week I Would change places. In this story I learned how to improvise By Rhyann Kramer